Sunday, April 24, 2016

What's up? :)

Hello guys! I hope that everything's fantastic and that you're all feeling fine! :)
I've been working on a new blog for a few weeks now, and I'm finally done. YEY! :D
I've actually lost my interest in Countless Books (the name, the blog and such things) basically, so I decided to get a fresh start on a new blog, with a new name and just start from SCRATCH! So nice :)

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

SALT TO THE SEA by Ruta Sepetys
Series: -
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, War > World War II
Pages: 400
Published: February 2nd 2016 by Philomel Books
My rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads summary: In the cruel winter of 1945, four very different young people narrate their stories. Joana, Emilia and Florian are part of desperate group of refugees trekking across Germany, bound together only by their desperation to reach the ship that can take them away from the war-ravaged land. Alfred is a German soldier stationed on that ship.
First sentence: "Guilt is a hunter."

Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 2016: Wrap-Up + March TBR

2016 Reading Challenge
I have read 17 out of 50 books (34%) | I'm 10 books ahead of schedule 

A new favorite of mine! I loved this book♥
Books I Read
9 - The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry (5/5)
10 - On the Fence by Kasie West (4.75/5)
11 - Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard (4.75/5)
12 - Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (5/5)
13 - Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys (4/5)
14 - Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson (4.75/5)
15 - Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (3/5)
16 - Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn (3/5)
17 - Landline by Rainbow Rowell (4.25/5)

Reviews: The Love That Split the World; Glass Sword
Amount of pages: approximately 3250
Physical books: 3/9
Ebooks: 6/9

Favorite: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
February's surprise: Landline by Rainbow Rowell
February's disappointment: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Title: Glass Sword
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Series: Red Queen #2
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopia
Pages: 448
Published: February 9th 2016 by HarperTeen
My rating: 5/5 stars

Goodreads summary: SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK! Mare Barrow’s blood is red—the color of common folk—but her Silver ability, the power to control lightning, has turned her into a weapon that the royal court tries to control. The crown calls her an impossibility, a fake, but as she makes her escape from Maven, the prince—the friend—who betrayed her, Mare uncovers something startling: she is not the only one of her kind. Pursued by Maven, now a vindictive king, Mare sets out to find and recruit other Red-and-Silver fighters to join in the struggle against her oppressors. But Mare finds herself on a deadly path, at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to defeat. Will she shatter under the weight of the lives that are the cost of rebellion? Or have treachery and betrayal hardened her forever?
First sentence: "I flinch."

There will be spoilers down below if you haven't read the first book!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Review: The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

Title: The Love That Split the World
Author: Emily Henry
Series: -
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 400
Published: January 26th 2016 by Razorbill
My rating: 5/5 stars

Goodreads summary: Natalie Cleary must risk her future and leap blindly into a vast unknown for the chance to build a new world with the boy she loves. Natalie’s last summer in her small Kentucky hometown is off to a magical start…until she starts seeing the “wrong things.” They’re just momentary glimpses at first—her front door is red instead of its usual green, there’s a pre-school where the garden store should be. But then her whole town disappears for hours, fading away into rolling hills and grazing buffalo, and Nat knows something isn’t right. That’s when she gets a visit from the kind but mysterious apparition she calls “Grandmother,” who tells her: “You have three months to save him.” The next night, under the stadium lights of the high school football field, she meets a beautiful boy named Beau, and it’s as if time just stops and nothing exists. Nothing, except Natalie and Beau.
First sentence: "The night before my last official day of high school, she comes back."

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

Title: The Distance Between Us
Author: Kasie West
Series: -
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 312
Published: July 2nd 2013 by Harper Teen
My rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads summary: Seventeen-year-old Caymen Meyers learned early that the rich are not to be trusted. And after years of studying them from behind the cash register of her mom's porcelain-doll shop, she has seen nothing to prove otherwise. Enter Xander Spence—he's tall, handsome, and oozing rich. Despite his charming ways and the fact that he seems to be one of the first people who actually gets her, she's smart enough to know his interest won't last. Because if there's one thing she's learned from her mother's warnings, it's that the rich have a short attention span. But just when Xander's loyalty and attentiveness are about to convince Caymen that being rich isn't a character flaw, she finds out that money is a much bigger part of their relationship than she'd ever realized. With so many obstacles standing in their way, can she close the distance between them?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016: Wrap-Up + February TBR

2016 Reading Challenge
I have read 8 out of 50 books (16%) | I'm 4 books ahead of schedule 

This was a really cute contemporary♥
Books I Read
1 - Vicious by V.E. Schwab (4,5/5)
2 - The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West (3.75/5)
3 - Never Never by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher (3,5/5)
4 - Never Never: Part 2 by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher (4/5)
5 - Never Never: Part 3 by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher (3/5)
6 - The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan (4/5)
7 - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (4/5)
8 - The Distance Between Us by Kasie West (4/5)

Reviews: The Fill-In Boyfriend; Never Never (1-3)
Amount of pages: approximately 2100
Physical books: 2/8
Ebooks: 6/8

Favorite: Vicious by V.E. Schwab
January's disappointment: Never Never: Part 3 by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher